Non solum data. Data sine monito oculo nihil sunt.
It’s not only data. Data is nothing without a curious eye.

Hi there!  I’m Gatien.

Field health economist at the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) @ Johns Hopkins University.

My specialty is getting to know and analyze the economic burden of disease through costing and willingness-to-pay. I also worked for a few years on health literacy, open access publishing, waiting times for health care, and universal health coverage.

And I’m an amateur blogger.

Gatien de Broucker


I am Patrice, a labour and education economist.

I have been collaborating for many years with the OECD’s education indicators project. My research activities have covered many issues in education and labour, such as youth labour market, human capital development, and determinants of school performance.

And I’m Gatien’s father.

Patrice de Broucker

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